Welcome to 
Kingdom Causes!


We would like to introduce to you an exciting new ministry called "Kingdom Causes".  This ministry consists of two separate yet united efforts, Kingdom Capital Group and Obadiah Ministries.  Click here to see how the two ministries work together!

"Kingdom Capital Group" is a for-profit venture capital group comprised of Christian business-men/women who have assembled themselves on a per-project basis to multiply invested financial resources.  The group has been mandated by its charter to dedicate at least 50% of any and all profits to...

"Obadiah Ministries'  which is a NOT-for-profit organization dedicated to the disbursement of those and other funds into the Kingdom of God.  Support offered by "Obadiah Ministries can be used to either start new works or come alongside those already in existence both locally and internationally.  Both "Kingdom Capital" and "Obadiah Ministries" comply with all the state and federal requirements associated with these types of efforts.