Mercy Home, Myanmar

Kingdom Causes has been involved in orphan-care programs in Yangon, Myanmar since 2008 with the hope of rescuing and preventing children from the labor and sex-trafficking industry.  We are currently supporting a ministry called Mercy Home, an orphange that focuses on reconnecting abondoned children with their families. The director, Pastor Joney Thawng Hup of Life Concern Ministry, is dedicated to creating safety and sustainable livlihoods for neglected children in poverty-stricken regions. We envision a future where these children have access to education and are focused on meeting the following needs: 

  • Access to basic needs (food, housing, transportation) 
  • Tuition for education 
  • Christian discipleship 

Poverty has caused thousands of children to succomb to living on the streets and go to extreme measures to find food. However, with the help of Kingdom Causes and Mercy Home, many children are receiving food and housing. In addition, Kingdom Causes purchased a taxi to provide a sustainable source of income for Mercy Home. Over 84% of the nation is unreached, meaning 46 million people have yet to hear the gospel. The home provides Christian discipleship for the children with a focus on praying for God to change their nation.  We are dedicated to empowering children to preach the gospel to their Buddhist families and surrounding villages.