Reaching the Unreached, Ghana

Income disparities in Ghana have deepened the level of poverty in and the limited access to land ownership and sustainable resources has increased the mortality rate for children and families. In addition, according to the Josua Project there around still 19 people groups who have yet to hear the gospel, meaning over 1 million people are unreached. 

The need for economic development is great and Kingdom Causes is focused on empowering the Ghanian people in the following ways: 

  • Supporting the local church 
  • Providing funding for Micro-loans 
  • Ensuring rural villages have access to natural resources 

We are partnering with Pastor Charles Mensah in Koforidua, Ghana and his ministry, "Reaching the Unreached", a ministry focused on leadership training and church planting. Through this partnership, rural villagers will hear the gospel and have opportunities develop resiliency and improve their livilhood methods. We focus on resourcing Pastor Charles through a micro-loan program that will ensure he has a sustainable source of income. He has received funds for planting and harvesting maize, plantains, pepper and other natural resources. These loans have allowed villagers to buy permits, pay for governement licenses, and costs for machinery, harvesting, and delivering products. 

We are hoping that through consistent giving more villages will be able to continue to sustain themselves and their families, with the goal of decreasing mortality rates and boosting the economy through natural resources.