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  • Turning Dreams into Reality - Field Updates from Uganda

    "This training has changed my entire life and it's really going to take me to another level through practicing all of the skills I have been taught, especially savings" says Safina Nakicoli, a School of Purpose 2018 graduate. 

    In Uganda, 90 percent of children attend primary school and less than 25 percent attend secondary school due to limited resources, facility shortages, and household responsibilities. Vocational training is needed in order to empower those who could not receive education to thrive and provide for themselves and their family.

    Impact Nations launched their Business Essentials training program this past January. The course was facilitated in collaboration with Remnant Generation. With plans to open boutiques, bookshops, tailor shops, restaurants, farming and poultry enterprises and more, 36 community members of Kampala, Uganda are now equipped to begin making steps toward accomplishing their goals and achieving their dreams. This class of 28 women and 8 men learned how to set goals, become effective leaders, budget and save, create ethical practices in running their businesses, and set prices for their products. These women are now empowered to create for themselves a future they've always dreamed of. Because of generous supporters, strong partnerships, and local expertise, the School of Purpose is restoring dignity and hope. 

    Click here  to learn more about the School of Purpose and the work of Impact Nations in Kampala.