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  • Hope in Hard Places: Yangon, Myanmar

    Rural poverty in Myanmar has left hundreds of children vulnerable to forced labor, sex-trafficking, and gang violence. Over 50% of the rural population lives below the poverty line. In addition, the country is susceptable to climate change and extreme weather disasters which heightens the risks and vulnerabilities of the rural poor. The need for economic empowerment and resiliency projects is great and we seek to address these issues.

    How we are involved:

    Kingdom Causes began partnering with Mercy for the Children, Myanmar in 2008 to help tackle this crisis and create solutions through providing educational opportunities for children. Since then, Kingdom Causes has supported Mercy Home, a place dedicated to housing orphans or abandoned children in Yangon, Myanmar. 

    As a Christian home, the leaders seeks to meet the spiritual needs of children by teaching them Christian principles and focusing on reaching their families with the gospel. During a field visit to the home the children were full of hope. They worshipped together with immense joy on their faces in praise. They had a sincere worship even though their circumstances were dire. The children are passionate about telling their families about Jesus and have hearts of gratitude despite their dire circumstances. 

    Following the field visit, Kingdom Causes was called on to assist in the flood relief and rehabilitation efforts from Cyclone Komen and flooding in the Rahine and Chin States. Kingdom Causes joined efforts with a local pastor who brought immediate relief to over 15 villages.

    How you can Help: Giving & Prayer 

    Financially supporting Mercy Home helps to meet the financial needs of the children in their tuition and tutoring costs. This will help them gain an advantage for their future educational needs. It is the hope of Kingdom Causes to continue supporting these children in Mercy Home and assist in the ongoing rehabilitation of the destroyed villages. With the help of donations, Kingdom Causes can continue to meet the needs of these children, both physically and spiritually as well as preparing for any emergency relief response. Your support is incredibly important to advance God's kingdom to support our partners on the field. 

    Continue to pray for the children in Yangon, that they may find safety, peace, and empowerment in Mercy Home. Pray for our partners, pastors, and leaders that they would be filled with strength and perserverance to carry out their mission and calling to serve the children well. Pray for the country, that more Burmese people will come to know and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.