• Turning Dreams into Reality - Field Updates from Uganda

    "This training has changed my entire life and it's really going to take me to another level through practicing all of the skills I have been taught, especially savings" says Safina Nakicoli, a School of Purpose 2018 graduate. 

    In Uganda, 90 percent of children attend primary school and less than 25 percent attend secondary school due to limited resources, facility shortages, and household responsibilities. Vocational training is needed in order to empower those who could not receive education to thrive and provide for themselves and their family.

    Impact Nations launched their Business Essentials training program this past January. The course was facilitated in collaboration with Remnant Generation. With plans to open boutiques, bookshops, tailor shops, restaurants, farming and poultry enterprises and more, 36 community members of Kampala, Uganda are now equipped to begin making steps toward accomplishing their goals and achieving their dreams. This class of 28 women and 8 men learned how to set goals, become effective leaders, budget and save, create ethical practices in running their businesses, and set prices for their products. These women are now empowered to create for themselves a future they've always dreamed of. Because of generous supporters, strong partnerships, and local expertise, the School of Purpose is restoring dignity and hope. 

    Click here  to learn more about the School of Purpose and the work of Impact Nations in Kampala. 

  • Reaching the Unreached: Proclaiming Christ in Ghana

    "How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:14-15

    According to a report by the Joshua Project, the nation of Ghana has over 19 unreached people groups, and the Mamprusi group alone has a population of 358,000 and 75% of them have never heard the Gospel. 

    In these villages there is a lack of pastoral leadership and very little people have yet to hear about Jesus. 

    The Ministry 

    Reaching the Unreached is working toward proclaiming the gospel to not only the Mamprusi people, but to the Kusaie, the Bulisas, and Bimobas tribes. Through field visits to the villages and local church gatherings, many Ghanaians are coming to know the meaning of salvation.

    C:\Users\Charles Mensah\Desktop\north1.jpg  
    Pastor Charles and his wife Mary (above) have tirelessly been working with uncreached people groups and local churches to bring the gospel to those who have not yet heard. As a part of their ministry outreach, they invite those who are eager to learn about the gospel to a leadership training program (picture below) in various local churches in West Mamprusi. Reaching the Unreached is dedicated to raising up passionate leaders in unreached villages, creating a holistic approach to evangelism and allowing the Mamprusi to serve their own people.

    C:\Users\Charles Mensah\Desktop\North pix Sepember 2016\IMG_1425.JPG
    In addition to these training programs, the local churches invite the surrounding community to partake in viewing the Jesus Film, a full length film displaying the life of Jesus in their own native language. This ministry tool is a way to connect draw the people to a relationship with Jesus  in a deep and personal way.

    Kingdom Causes is proud to partner with Pastor Charles, and any donations will go directly to these local churches to expand their ministry and continue to train young people in wisdom and leadership.

    How You Can Help 

    Pray for all of those involved in this ministry to be strengthened and to continue in their efforts to Reach the Unreached for Christ. 

    Continue to pray for the unreached people groups in Ghana, the Kusaie, the Bulisas, and Bimobas tribes who desperately need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. 

    Give if you feel led, to further the ministry Reaching the Unreached, all proceeds will go toward Biblical training materials for pastors and other resources to expand their ministry. 


  • Business Opposes Poverty: Vocational Training in Kampala, Uganda

    “Business opposes poverty. We are training the girls on purpose. We want them to acquire a skill that they can easily use as an income generating business. And we are already very encouraged with the tremendous progress the girls are making." ~The director of The Remnant Generation, Annabelle Nakabiri 

    In 2016, Kingdom Causes began partnering with Impact Nations to help fund The School of Purpose in Kampala Uganda.The project provides vocational training for at-risk women who have faced sexual abuse, cirsis pregnancies, and extreme poverty. Nearly 40% of women in Uganda have given birth before the age of 18. Often the women are uneducated, leaving them with little training to be employed and economically sustain themselves. Remnant Generation is committed to helping young mothers achieve vocational training with the goal of achieving employment in order to care and support their families. As of July 4th, 2017 the School of Purpose officially opened its doors. The goal is to improve the quality of life of 30 girls between the ages of 10 and 20 years old through vocational training, Biblical studies, and overall life skills. 

    The school has two big classroom blocks, furniture and training materials. There are currently 18 girls registered. They are participating in a five month training program that will end in November. The three trained facilitators teach the women hair dressing, tailoring, creative, and numeracy and literacy skills. In addition, a backyard garden is being constructed where women will learn to cultivate vegetables in a small space.  

    Although this program is fully funded, Kingdom Causes hopes to continue in this partnership and help with any future financial needs the Remnant Generation presents. 

  • Hope in Hard Places: Yangon, Myanmar

    Rural poverty in Myanmar has left hundreds of children vulnerable to forced labor, sex-trafficking, and gang violence. Over 50% of the rural population lives below the poverty line. In addition, the country is susceptable to climate change and extreme weather disasters which heightens the risks and vulnerabilities of the rural poor. The need for economic empowerment and resiliency projects is great and we seek to address these issues.

    How we are involved:

    Kingdom Causes began partnering with Mercy for the Children, Myanmar in 2008 to help tackle this crisis and create solutions through providing educational opportunities for children. Since then, Kingdom Causes has supported Mercy Home, a place dedicated to housing orphans or abandoned children in Yangon, Myanmar. 

    As a Christian home, the leaders seeks to meet the spiritual needs of children by teaching them Christian principles and focusing on reaching their families with the gospel. During a field visit to the home the children were full of hope. They worshipped together with immense joy on their faces in praise. They had a sincere worship even though their circumstances were dire. The children are passionate about telling their families about Jesus and have hearts of gratitude despite their dire circumstances. 

    Following the field visit, Kingdom Causes was called on to assist in the flood relief and rehabilitation efforts from Cyclone Komen and flooding in the Rahine and Chin States. Kingdom Causes joined efforts with a local pastor who brought immediate relief to over 15 villages.

    How you can Help: Giving & Prayer 

    Financially supporting Mercy Home helps to meet the financial needs of the children in their tuition and tutoring costs. This will help them gain an advantage for their future educational needs. It is the hope of Kingdom Causes to continue supporting these children in Mercy Home and assist in the ongoing rehabilitation of the destroyed villages. With the help of donations, Kingdom Causes can continue to meet the needs of these children, both physically and spiritually as well as preparing for any emergency relief response. Your support is incredibly important to advance God's kingdom to support our partners on the field. 

    Continue to pray for the children in Yangon, that they may find safety, peace, and empowerment in Mercy Home. Pray for our partners, pastors, and leaders that they would be filled with strength and perserverance to carry out their mission and calling to serve the children well. Pray for the country, that more Burmese people will come to know and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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