About Us

The role of Kingdom Causes is to come alongside people and communities that are in need by identifying local business opportunities and assisting entrepreneurs with the funds, training, and ongoing input in order to grow a successful business.  Through this process, local economies are improved, leaders are empowered, and ministries are supported. Kingdom Causes is a tax-exempt charity (501c3) that brings sustainable resources through marketplace investments. These investments are generally managed by the recipients within their immediate community. 

The co-founders of Kingdom Causes are Tim & Marlene Cummings and Gar & Carine Liebler. Primary funding is from The Gar & Carine Liebler Charitable Fund, along with the donation of time, money, and expertise from those that feel called to bring lasting impact and empowerment to those who are in need.    

The goal of Kingdom Causes is to provide seed rather than bread.  Funding for projects is generally done in the form of no-interest or low-interest loans. These loans are provided through a business plan and support process designed to help ensure success. As the loans are repaid, additional investment opportunities are sought by Kingdom Causes in an effort to continue the economic growth of that region.

Kingdom Causes is a vehicle for lasting change; seed that brings an ongoing harvest of profit and lives. We welcome all who feel called or compelled to elevate the condition of others through the gift of your time and expertise. Business leaders have a unique ability to identify other entrepreneurs and turn opportunities into profits, jobs, and sustained economic growth. The gift of your abilities, perhaps more than your money, may be the seed to start a great harvest.